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August 20, 2010, 1:05 pm
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Blue Community Conference

Strategies For the Caribbean Region
and Gulf Coast States  

Learn Best Blue Community Practices at 

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA
May 3-6, 2011


At the Blue Community Conference 2011, you'll interact with celebrated sustainability, disaster reduction and economic development leaders, innovators, and change-agents. Learn best Blue Community practices, critical knowledge, and develop winning partnerships to prepare your company or community, for a world where people, profits and the environment are uniquely interconnected. The conference is brought to you by the International Oceans Institute Waves of Change campaign, Friends of the United Nations and The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce.



Early Bird Offer Expires

December 31, 2010


The Conference is being held at the Walt Disney World Coronado Springs Resort, Florida.

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Who Should Attend?


  • Government officials
  • Resorts and related tourism industry
  • College and University Students, Faculty, and Administrators
  • Economic Development staff
  • Environmental Ministers and/or staff
  • Environmental NGO’s
  • Individuals interested in the Blue Community conference topics and agenda


Sustainability, Disaster Reduction, and Economic Development will be the three major themes of the Blue Community Conference.



The Blue Community conference provides sustainability strategies for energy, water, food, transportation, health, and much more.  Each topic includes models of best practices and a hands-on opportunity to see how Walt Disney World is strategically addressing these concerns.



Disaster Reduction & Vulnerability Management 

The United Nations International Strategies for Disaster Reduction program has identified sustainability as the best way to prevent, mitigate, and recover from potential disasters. The Blue Community conference will provide a number of best practices for disaster reduction and vulnerability management.


Economic Development & Eco-Friendly Tourism

For a travel and leisure company to utilize Blue Community strategies they must be economical. Walt Disney World shares the economic benefits of their sustainability program. The Blue Community program will provide strategies to enhance eco-friendly tourism and reduce costs in areas such as: energy, fertilizer, water, transportation, and other strategies to both attract tourism, and reduce costs of resort operations.

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