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Tampa Bay Consortium

The Waves of Change initiated a community consortium in the Tampa Bay area.

The initial meeting was held February 27, 2009 at the Tampa Bay Watch facility that was attended by about 75 persons representing about 60 different ocean related organizations.

Below are video excerpts from the Tampa Bay Watch Meeting.



Part 1  Welcome and Introduction

   Mr. Peter Clark - Executive Director, Tampa Bay Watch.



Part 2 Welcome and Overview

Dr. Noel Brown - Director General - Waves of Change



Part 3 WMessage from Congressman kathy Castor's Office

Ms. Nikki Capehart - U.S. Congressperson Cathy Castor's office


Part 4 Waves of Change Program

Dr. Dr. David W. Randle - Waves of Change - Managing Director



Part 5 Waves of Change Program Presentation Continued

Dr. Dr. David W. Randle - Waves of Change - Managing Director



Part 6 Response to Waves of Change Program and intro to Panel

Dr. Noel Brown - Waves of Change - Managing Director



Part 7 Ocean Pollution

Mr. TJ Marshall - Ocean Conservancy



Part 8 Ecosystem Restoration

Mr. Peter Clark - Executive Director, Tampa Bay Watch Ecosystem Restoration



Part 9 Marine Food Security

Mr. Libby Featherstone - Ocean Conservancy



Part 10 Ocean Literacy

Mr. Mike Waugh - Scubanauts



Part 11 Public Health & Social Responsibilityy

Mr. Don Mellman, M.D. - Physicians for Social Responsibility



Part 12 World Oceanfest & Follow-up

Mr. Vince Albanese - Green Armada



Part 13 John Englander, Executive Direcgtor Seakeepers on Climate Change



Part 14 John Englander continued



Part 15 John Englander continued



Part 16 John Englander continued





Tampa Bay Watch Consortium Meeting Participants.

NickBrummette     Conch Republic Grill

NikkiCapehart       Congresswoman Kathy Castor

Barbara Spector    COSEE

ScottWillis               Earthforce

JoanneWillis           Earthforce

Andrew Black          Eckerd College

Jen Black                 Eckerd College

David Hastings       Eckerd College

JohnOgden             FL Institute of Oceanography

NancyOgden           FL Institute of Oceanography

Rusudan Grigolia    Friends of the U.N.

TamaraGrigolia        Friends of the U.N.

Vince Albanese       Green Armada

NickJohnson            Green Armada

MaraHendrix            IOI USA

AndrewManner        IOI USA

Pat  DePlasco          Keep Hills. Co. Beautiful

Daisy Packer            Keep Hills. Co. Beautiful

Terri Leefers             Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Bill  Sanders             Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Tom Wheatley          Marine Fish Conservation Network

Amy Fleisher            Mote Marine Lab

Libby Featherstone  Ocean Conservancy

TJ  Marshall               Ocean Conservancy

Don Mellman            Physicans for Social Responsibility

Kay Tyler                   Physicians for Social Responsibility

Ali  Hudson               Pier Aquarium

Susan Sawyer          Pier Aquarium

Don         Brown         Pirates Choice Rum

RustyChinnis              Sarasota Bay Watch

Madison Hayes         SCUBAnauts

Alex Kennett               SCUBAnauts

Keith Kolasa               SCUBAnauts

MorganListon             SCUBAnauts

BrookeListon              SCUBAnauts

AnnaMoran                 SCUBAnauts

CollinOlson                 SCUBAnauts

Ben Pruett                    SCUBAnauts

MikeWaugh                 SCUBAnauts

KatieWaugh                SCUBAnauts

ConnerWaugh            SCUBAnauts

John Englander         Seakeepers International

Don  Ardell                  Seek Wellness

CarolArdell                  Seek Wellness

Shahra Anderson      Senator Bill Nelson’s Office

Cathy Harrleson         Sierra Club

FrankJackalone          Sierra Club

HopeBotterbush         St. Petersburg College

ChrisNichol                 St. Petersburg, College

Dr. Steven Schultz     St. Petersburg, College

Leah  Ellington           Stetson Law School

Lance Long                  Stetson Law School

John Pappas                Surfriders Foundation

Julie Pappas                Surfriders Foundation

SuzanneCooper         Tampa Bay Regional Council

Peter Clark                     Tampa Bay Watch

Laura McMurdock         Tampa Bay Watch

Capt. Timothy Close    U.S. Coast Guard

Carrie Wall                     USF College of Marine Science

Patrick Schwing            USF College of Marine Sciience

Noel Brown                     Waves of Change

David Randle                 Waves of Change

Nancy Randle                 Waves of Change

Brian Schremp               Waves of Change