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20 Possibilities


 1.    Develop a plan to reduce and

        eventually eliminate municipal

        sewage in the water.


 2.    Reduce the number of beach closings

        in the past 12 months to zero.


 3     Develop a water conservation program

        to reduce discharge into the

        waterways with emphasis on

        protecting the oceans from storm



 4.    Restrict the use of fertilizers in your



 5.    Adopt the NOAA Clean Marina Initiative for all marinas in the city.


 6.    Reduce and/or ban plastic bags in grocery stores and retail outlets.


 7.    Develop incentives to promote the use of food from organic farming.


 8.   Require that all new development and redevelopment have a zero increase in water 



 9.   Require that businesses that sell or serve fish provide information showing which fish

       come from sustainable fishing.


10.  Declare the city support for the ratification of the U.N. Law of the Sea Convention.


11.  Develop a program to increase citizen awareness of the economic value of the

       oceans to your community.


12.  Develop a program to protect critical habitat such as wetlands, coral reefs,

       mangroves, and seagrass beds that are near your area.


13.  Develop a coastal development plan with protective zoning laws for sensitive coastal



14.  Require cruise or dive operators to observe best ecological practices.


15.  Provide a well understood process so that decisions regarding the oceans near your

       municipality are required to take science into consideration.


16.  Provide incentives and/or require new construction and redevelopment to meet

       building codes to mitigate hurricane damage.


17.  Develop a program to reduce carbon emissions to address issues such as climate

       change and ocean acidification.


18.  Develop a community program to improve ocean literacy


19.   Encourage the protection of Marine Reserves.


20.   Declare support for World Ocean Day on June 8th in your city.