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Oceans Champions

Waves of Change is working to identify and acknowledge Ocean Champions from a wide variety of fields.  Ocean champions can come from the fields of  politics, education, environmental advocates, science, technology, business, to name just a few.  Below is the "Coastal Warrior" video providing an example of one Ocean Champion, Mark Massara.

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Protecting Dolphins: A Right to Life Last Updated on 2013-09-10 20:35:41 One of the daily privileges of living in southern California along the Santa Monica Bay is watching pods of bottlenose dolphins patrolling the coastline. They are extraordinary creatures with astounding memories that bring joy to my day - each time I see them. My students and I believe that dolphins are entitled to the right of life. We along with millions of other Earthlings are mortified that Japan and Faroe Islanders brutally slaughter dolphins i.e. Faroe Islands and Taiji Cove with such reckless abandon and a despicable sense of entitlement. Those unfortunate dolphins not slaughtered but caught are sentenced to an unimaginable captivity - suffering a brutal and torturous existence in dolphinariums for the amusement of unconscious humans. Have you seen the documentary Blackfish? Since July 1, my colleagues and I have witnessed bottlenose dolphins dying along the eastern seaboard... More »
Pacific Ocean Floor Is A Huge Underwater Garbage Dump Last Updated on 2013-07-20 14:19:31 It’s old news that plastic bags, aluminum cans and fishing debris not only clutter our beaches, but accumulate in open-ocean areas such as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” (basically a giant vortex of plastic soup, roughly twice the size of Texas.) So much for the myth of the beautiful, natural ocean, stretching off towards the horizon. Now, a paper by researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) shows that trash is also accumulating in the deep sea, particularly in Monterey Canyon, off the coast of California. The horrific report was produced using over 18,000 hours of footage from deep sea remotely-operated vehicles, over a period of 22 years; cameras examined the ocean floor as deep as 13,000 feet and found human-made garbage everywhere. The Pacific Ocean, which for many carries connotations of beauty and romance, is in fact a huge... More »
Life in the Sea Found Its Fate in a Paroxysm of Extinction Last Updated on 2012-05-01 00:00:00 Life in the Sea Found Its Fate in a Paroxysm of Extinction   Katharina Fabricius/Australian Institute of Marine Science IN DANGER  Corals are the most vulnerable creatures in the ocean, just as they were during the Permian extinction. By ALANNA MITCHELL Published: April 30, 2012  It may never be as well known as the Cretaceous extinction, the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Yet the much earlier Permian extinction — 252 million years ago — was by far the most catastrophic of the planet’s five known paroxysms of species loss. About 95 percent of marine species quickly died off 252 million years ago.  No wonder it is called the Great Dying: Scientists calculate that about 95 percent of marine species, and an uncountable but probably comparable percentage of land species, went extinct in a geological... More »
Earth, We Have a Problem -- Failure Is Not an Option Last Updated on 2011-04-06 00:00:00 Dave's 88-year-old father has been involved in the space program most of his career. We have always been interested and supportive of the space program and the benefits that it has brought to all humankind. When Dave served as John Denver's environmental and political advisor, support for the space program was one of his top six priorities. Recently, at the Kennedy Space Center, Dave picked up an Apollo 13 hat for his dad. It had the wording, "Failure is not an Option". The hat seemed fitting as his dad had been told a couple years ago that he had only three days to live. He didn't accept the prognosis and sought other treatment. For him failure was not an option so the hat seemed quite fitting for him to wear in the event he has to go to the hospital again. Recently we heard a podcast where the NASA Space program was used as a metaphor for how we might better respond to... More »
Oceana: Protecting the World's Oceans (Narrated by Ted Danson) (Full) Last Updated on 2011-02-15 00:00:00 Narrated by Ted Danson, this 2009 video is an overview of the issues plaguing our oceans and what Oceana is doing to help. From bottom trawling to overfishing, Ted discusses the ways in which we are drastically changing our oceans and, as a result, our climate and our world. Oceana has already set the stage for far-reaching policy change with many important victories, and continues to work tirelessly to protect our oceans and its incredible marine diversity. To find out more about Oceana and do your part to protect the oceans, visit http://na.oceana.org/. More »