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Our Partners

Waves of Change welcomes and appreciates the many partners of the campaign.  

If your organization or business is interested in becoming a partner of The Waves of Change campaign, please contact us.






Friends of the United Nations


Global Healing Initiative






Sustainble Travel International

International Ocean Institute

WHALE Center

Conch Republic - Key West



Reef Relief

Climate Institute

Tampa Bay Watch

Conch Republic Grill & Bar

SCUBAnauts Internatiol





The Ocean Project


Global Sustainable Tourism Council

 Tampa Bay Green Consortium


Women's Earth Alliance



Taking It Global


Youth & Environment Europe

One World Youth Project


Art in Science Collaborations




World Ocean Council

Girls in Government

Green Armada


KM Dance Aqua Project



World Ocean Network


Earth Charter USA


Physicians for Social Responsibility



         UNA Tampa Bay

                      Heart in Action



Inter-American Dev.Bank









Recently Updated
Villages Nature: Reinventing Sustainable Tourism Last Updated on 2018-03-29 08:35:18   Last October I was privileged along with my colleague Ms. Silvia Barbone, Founder of PM4SD (Project Management For Sustainable Development), and FEST Executive Director (Foundation European Sustainable Tourism) to attend the inauguration of Villages Nature. Silvia and I had visited the site while under construction last May and experiencing the opening of the resort was a unique and unforgettable experience. Following my first visit I wrote an article titled, ‘Villages Nature: A Potential Game Changer for Sustainable Tourism’ where I began to examine how Villages Nature was meeting the challenges defined in the science of the 9 Planetary Boundaries. I was very excited to attend the inauguration. The resort had already received recognition by UNEP as one of the most sustainable tourism resorts in the world so I was curious to learn more.  ... More »
Study Sustainable Tourism at USF Last Updated on 2012-01-13 13:50:34 School of Global Sustainability expands concentrations to include Sustainable Tourism M.A. students in the School of Global Sustainability will be able to pursue Sustainable Tourism as an area of study beginning in fall 2012. The new concentration will offer students many unique opportunities and advantages including cutting edge courses, leadership and professional development opportunities and global internships with top firms in the tourism industry. The concentration in Sustainable Tourism will enable students to understand the relationship between tourism, society, culture and sustainability. Students will develop the skills necessary to design a successful sustainable tourism strategy and development plan that is beneficial to business, coastal and marine habitats, and the local community. Program highlights setting us apart from others include: Adoption... More »
Marine Life Encyclopedia Last Updated on 2011-07-06 00:00:00 The Oceana Marine Life Encyclopedia contains easily digestible information about more than 500 fascinating marine creatures, from the acorn barnacle to the zebra shark, and many of them are accompanied by stunning photos as well. Oceana licensed the content from an ocean encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley, one of the world’s leading educational publishers. Oceana’s Marine Life Encyclopedia More »
Sign up for the Blue Community Conference Last Updated on 2010-08-19 00:00:00 Blue Community Conference Strategies For the Caribbean Region and Gulf Coast States   Learn Best Blue Community Practices at  Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA May 3-6, 2011   At the Blue Community Conference 2011, you'll interact with celebrated sustainability, disaster reduction and economic development leaders, innovators, and change-agents. Learn best Blue Community practices, critical knowledge, and develop winning partnerships to prepare your company or community, for a world where people, profits and the environment are uniquely interconnected. The conference is brought to you by the International Oceans Institute Waves of Change campaign, Friends of the United Nations and The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce.     Early Bird Offer Expires December 31, 2010   The Conference is being held at the Walt Disney World Coronado... More »
Schooner Wolf Departs on Haitian Mission of Mercy Last Updated on 2010-02-18 00:00:00 Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? In Key West, nobody. And while Key West’s Wolf is certainly big, it’s only bad in the slang sense, where “bad” means seriously terrific. That’s because Key West’s “wolf” is the 74-foot gaff-rigged topsail Schooner Wolf, a majestic tall ship that’s been headquartered in the island city for some 25 years. The flagship of the Keys’ Conch Republic, the Wolf is patterned after the 19th-century blockade runners that once plied the waters of the Florida Straits. The classic schooner has appeared in several movies, stars in Key West’s annual Pirates in Paradise festival, and is renowned for its humanitarian relief sails to needy Caribbean and Bahamian island communities. But the Wolf is most notable for something else entirely: its owner and skipper, Captain Finbar Gittelman. The... More »