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The Waves of Change campaign is a program of the WHALE Center It is endorsed by the International Ocean Institute

Dr. Noel Brown, President & CEO of Friends of the United Nations serves as the campaigns Director General and Dr. David W. Randle, President & CEO of the WHALE Center serves as the campaign's Managing Director.

Administration of the program is through the WHALE Center.


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Interview with Dr. Noel Brown Last Updated on 2008-05-13 00:00:00   Muriel chats with Dr Noel Brown, former Director of the United Nations Environment Program – who was one of the founders of UNEP, he worked there from 1973-1995 . Dr. Brown, Former Director of UNEP (North America) and is now President, Friends of the UN Dr. Brown has been considered an environmental diplomat and a great champion for the cause of earth. He spends a great deal of his time these days focusing on the Oceans, as a Member of the Board of Governors of the International Ocean Institute (IOI) and a director of Training for IOI, Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The IOI is about to launch a five Year Global Campaign under the banner: Wave of Change for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Sustainable Use of its Resources. He’ s also actively involved in the organization of the: Coastal Cities Summit: Values and Vulnerabilities ... More »